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Inviting a Modern Flair into Your Home with Marble and Wood

Natural materials, like stone, wood, iron, and natural textiles, produce a pleasant, calming spirit of place that cannot be matched, even by the most select of modern synthetics. They are innately weighty in their personalities.

Yet iron, for instance, can easily produce a brutalist, industrial feel, whereas a combination of stone and wood, specifically Sofita marble and white oak, do not.

Rather, they produce a more refined, cultivated aesthetic that is not only accommodating to the most cultured tastes, but which is warm and inviting. This post will take a closer look at this common pairing in modern interior design, as well as how to put it into practice in your home.

Why Marble and White Oak Create Uncommon Cohesion

Marble, specifically white Sofita marble is, by its very nature, effectively applicable to interior design in an endless number of ways.

This is in part because it is lighter in color and neutral. Even strongly veined white marble is, for the most part, compatible with neutral, minimal aesthetics in nearly any capacity. Marble can also be nearly blankly white or richly veined and patterned, suiting its use to a wide range of interiors.

Moreover, it looks good with a wide range of wood species - not just white oak, but also darker species, like acacia, ebony, and walnut, and even species treated according to the traditional Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban. In short, while you can pair white marble with nearly any species, there is something special about the fusion of white oak and Sofita marble.

White oak, by nature, is a relatively light colored wood that is rarely richly figured, except when burled. With that said, quartered white oak displays brilliant ray flecks that produce pleasant contrast and a small degree of chatoyancy to furniture and other decorative items produced from it.

Here, then, lies the curious intersection of the unique compatibility and congeniality of white oak and marble. Both are lightly colored and make little announcement of themselves, and can be used to dazzling effect in minimal interiors.

At the same time, a closer inspection of either marble or white oak will reveal to the viewer a much more intricate character of unparalleled richness. The outward aesthetic is minimal, but the closer character is impossibly unique, something that synthetics simply can’t reproduce.

And that is why white oak and Sofita marble are timeless mates.

Design by Room

Now that we’ve cast a little bit of light on the unique pairing of white oak and marble, how can you put them on display in your home? Let’s take a closer look here.

Living Room

live edge coffee table

The living room will give you arguably the greatest flexibility in terms of decorating with wood and marble, considering it is the place where you will gather in company, and in which visitors will attend you.

It’s easy to capitalize on the interplay between white oak and marble, being daring but still reserved. One easy way to do so is with the use of white oak hardwood flooring or wainscoting. Marble can be introduced to any bar tops in the room - but if that is not practical, change of furniture will make a similar impression.

Something as simple as a live edge coffee table, flanked by mission white oak furniture, such as stools, chairs or a sofa, will make a great effect too. If you have a sofa, consider upholstery of black, white, or earth-toned leather or fabric, to make for compatibility with the marble and oak.

The introduction of a live edge coffee table like one of our Sofita marble tables will introduce a rugged, organic look, but a solid oak table like one of our Kyoto Coffee Tables would make an impression just as nice.

Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room represents another ripe opportunity to marry the minimal, warming elegance of white oak and marble.

Marble, like oak, can be introduced into floor tiling, as well as through the countertops and backsplashes, especially a white marble with a good deal of dramatic veining to introduce the contrast as well as the illusion of movement.

Furniture here, too, can make a great impression. Consider a solid oak dining table, arrayed with upholstered oak dining tables and stools, and then introduce a Sofita marble cheese board to introduce both fusion and harmony with what you use elsewhere in your home.

live edge coffee table


In the bedroom, more than in any other room of the house, decorative marble and oak accents can be used to create dramatic effect, as well as to align with the compatible aspects of your furniture.

For instance, accents like mirrors, vases, bowls, and pedestals, all of which can be made of stone or wood, will produce a nice effect here.

As for furnishings, consider decorating with a graven white oak headboard, or investing in white oak dressers and nightstands, topped with marble. These represent an effortless avenue for the introduction of this unique interplay of elements into the most intimate of your home’s sanctuaries.

Our media consoles, made of solid white oak and topped with live edge marble, represent stately and elegant methods of increasing the depth and arrangement of our room, as do little accents like our Teddy Bench.

live edge coffee table

Elsewhere in the Home

As beautiful as white oak and white marble are together, some minimal interiors profit considerably from the introduction of darker elements such as wrought iron or black stone.

To create contrast, outfit your home’s other rooms and hallways with darker decorative elements like our Charcoal Pedestals or Slate Persepolis Pedestals, which represent a unique way to produce further organic appeal that is strangely compatible with lighter elements like oak and marble.

We also sell other decorative accents, like entry consoles and side tables, which will complete the cohesiveness of your overall interior design scheme when decorating with marble and oak.

live edge coffee table

Welcome Sophistication into Your Home Through Our Unique Collection

With the tasteful employment of both white oak and marble into your home, through live edge coffee tables, white oak dining tables, stools, and chairs, you can create an interior that is inclusive, warm, and welcoming.

It will take some of your vision to complete, though. Take a look through our catalog to get some inspiration today and start planning. A stunning, reimagined interior is only a few clicks away, and it all starts here.


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