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How to Use the Sofita Dresser With Marble Top in Every Room in Your Home

Offered in two different sizes (4 drawers and 6 drawers), our Sofita Drawer Dresser with Marble Top is one of the most handsome pieces in our extensive catalog. Made with a soft white oak base and featuring a raw-edge slab of Sofita marble stone serving as its top, it is both elegantly beautiful and immensely practical, featuring ample storage space and enhanced with high-quality Hafele soft-close drawer slides.

While most people might think to only confine it to the bedroom, though, this piece is in fact versatile enough to be used in just about every room in your home. Read on below for a brief exploration into its standout attribute: the Sofita marble, as well as how to make the most of it in every corner of your home:

What is Sofita Marble?

Also known as Sofia Beige marble, Sofia marble, or Camellia marble, Sofita marble is a decorative variety of marble that can be quarried from various locations. The Sofita marble that we use in our pieces, in particular, comes from Turkey, and is subjected to the artistry of skilled craftsmen located in Turkey and Italy.

Visually, it is a gorgeously warm white that borders on beige in color, crossed with reddish to warm brown veins. However, our offerings, including the Sofita Dresser with Marble Top and the Sofita Marble Coffee Table, make use of a species of Sofita that is more mutedly veined. Lacking such obtrusive elements, this means that they blend in seamlessly with almost any aesthetic.

More specifically, we are proud of the “raw-edge” or “live-edge” finish of the Sofita marble that we use in our pieces that include it. With this treatment, the finely polished surface of the marble contrasts beautifully with the ruggedness of the edges, creating furniture that is perfectly imperfect.

Elegance Exemplified: The Sofita Dresser With Marble Top in Every Room of Your Home

In the Bedroom: Beyond Clothes Storage

When you think of dressers, the bedroom is likely the first place that comes to mind. Traditionally, dressers are used to store clothes, but why stop there?

The Sofita Dresser with Marble Top can also hold accessories, bed linens, and even act as a vanity station: its generous surface is the perfect place to hold makeup and skincare products, and all you need to do is top it with a mirror to turn it into a chic and multifunctional space. To personalize the area, you might want to add a few decorative elements such as a lamp or a couple of framed photos.

In the Living Room: Stylish Media Storage

In the living room, the Sofita Dresser can also be used as an elegant media console that can support your television and keep DVDs, remotes, and gaming accessories out of sight, inside the drawers. Here, also, the surface can be decorated with a few stylish items to enhance the ambiance of the room; think small potted plants, a short stack of books, or framed family pictures.

In the Entryway: Out-The-Door Organization

The Sofita Dresser can also be placed in your entryway to create a welcoming, organized space that’s perfect for storing shoes, scarves, and other essentials that you wouldn’t want to leave home without. The marble top can hold a tray for keys, a bowl of loose change, and perhaps a plant to add a touch of greenery to the area.

In the Kitchen: Unexpected Utility

Is your kitchen lacking in storage? The Sofita dresser can be a surprising yet effective solution.

The drawers can be used to store table linens, utensils, and even non-perishable food items, while the generous marble surface can be used as a buffet during parties or family gatherings. Just make sure that the marble is protected from spills by using placemats or tablecloths when used in this manner.

Alternatively, you can designate your Sofita dresser as your morning coffee station. Mugs, coffee pods, and other supplies can be kept in the drawers, while your espresso machine or coffee maker can be placed up top in a place of honor. This not only organizes your kitchen but also creates a delightful nook for your morning routine.

In the Home Office: An Organizational Hub

If you find yourself needing more storage space in your home office, look no further than the Sofita dresser. It can be used to store office supplies, keep important documents organized, and stow away tech gadgets and cables. This helps keep your workspace clutter-free and ensures everything you need is within easy reach.

As you can see, the Sofita drawer dresser is far more versatile than you might have initially thought. From the bedroom to the home office, this piece of furniture can be adapted to suit the needs of any room in your home. It can be placed just about anywhere you need additional storage, all while lending every room it’s in a stylish touch!


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