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Behind the Collection: Ojai

Embracing Nature, Craftsmanship, and Functionality

In the heart of Mother Nature's bounty, the Ojai Collection stands as a testament to the beauty found in simplicity. Crafted with a modern organic style, each piece exudes a tranquil stillness that can transform any space into a haven of peace and calm. The collection pays homage to the fundamental materials of the Earth, celebrating the elegance found in the raw essence of White Oak.

The Topa Topa Dining Table: A Playful Ode to Nature

Named after the majestic Topa Topa Mountain Range gracing the Ojai Valley, the Topa Topa Dining Table is a captivating piece designed to bring a playful charm to your space. Handmade by skilled woodworkers using locally sourced raw materials, each table is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the natural variations and character inherent in the White Oak wood.

Topa Topa Dining Table

The warm natural stain enhances and protects the table's existing beauty, while an oil finish, coupled with three layers of matte/non-glossy polyurethane, ensures durability against daily wear and tear. Underneath these protective coatings, the highest quality natural oils bond with the wood, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that celebrates the rich grain of White Oak.



The Teddy Dining Chair: A Fusion of Form and Function

The Teddy Dining Chair is the perfect companion to the Topa Topa Dining Table, offering a seamless blend of clean lines and natural beauty. With straight back legs and chunky white boucle upholstered seats, this chair not only complements any setting but also provides ultimate comfort for extended dinners and gatherings.

The use of acrylic boucle fabric adds a practical touch to the dining experience, as it resists liquid and food spills. Easy to clean with just water and dish soap, the Teddy Dining Chair is designed for both aesthetics and functionality.



Custom Upholstery: Personalize Your Space

In a nod to individuality, the Teddy Series is designed for easy re-upholstery. The seat can be effortlessly unscrewed from the frame, allowing for customization by local upholstery teams or even a DIY enthusiast with a preferred fabric or leather.

Ojai Valley Side Table: Sculptural Beauty with Purpose

Inspired by the valleys of Ojai, the Ojai Valley Side Table in White Oak is a sculptural masterpiece that captures attention from every angle. Its tiered levels, geometric build, sleek structure, and built-in magazine rack showcase a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Crafted with white oak veneer, the Ojai Valley Side Table achieves a thinness in design that wouldn't be possible with solid wood. This choice ensures the table maintains its structural integrity, resisting bending and warping when exposed to changes in humidity or harsh sunlight.



Variations and Uniqueness: Embracing Nature's Imperfections

As with all handmade wood pieces, the Ojai Collection embraces the variations inherent in nature. These variations are not flaws but rather the unique fingerprint of each piece, making every item in the collection a distinctive work of art.

Ojai Daybeds

For custom sizing inquiries or to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Ojai Collection, feel free to reach out. Embrace the essence of nature, craftsmanship, and functionality with the Ojai Collection, where every piece tells a story of the Earth's raw beauty.

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