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About Sofita Marble Coffee Tables: Design Inspiration and More

Marble is a wonderful stone, a metamorphic rock consisting of carbonate minerals that have transformed under immense heat and pressure deep inside the earth, crystallizing into a veritable rainbow of colors. Though it is found all over the world, marble is predominantly quarried in Italy, India, and China.

With that said, it is a unique species of marble, Sofita marble, which comes from Turkey, that will be the focus of this short article, and more specifically,  the elegant, peerless Sofita marble coffee tables that you’ll find here in our shop. Let’s dive into the intriguing - and peerless - world of Sofita marble.

Sofita Marble: A Horse of Another Color

marble coffee tables

While marble can be almost any color, ranging from red to black, it is white marble more than any other color that has captivated the hearts and minds of the popular imagination.

Sofita marble, also known as Sofita beige, Sofia, and Camellia marble, is a beautiful, warm white to nearly beige colored marble that is crossed with reddish to warm brown veins.

The thickness, density, color and color saturation of Sofita marble can vary considerably. Some grades of Sofita are nearly indiscernibly colored and are almost pure white; others have thick, darker brown or red veins that fracture the uniformity of the surface, enhancing the depth and illusion of movement produced by the stone.

In some grades of Sofita marble, the veins are nearly gold, lending the moniker “Sofita Gold marble,” in others, the veins and flecks of crystals are hardly noticeable.

Most of our Sofita marble coffee tables are made with a species of Sofita that has a much more muted pattern. Our marble coffee tables maintain the warm white spirit of Sofita but generally lack the vibrant, intrusive punctuation of sharper, broader veins.

This makes our Sofita marble coffee tables absolutely unique and positions them ideally for decorating a refined, minimalist interior that lacks obtrusive elements and distractions. Fortunately, there are many great ways to decorate using this medium.

General Advice for Decorating with Sofita Marble

In addition to making furniture, Sofita marble is also an excellent material for flooring and inlaying. This makes it highly versatile and there are countless ways to incorporate the use of marble into your interior decorating.

Depending on the nature of the Sofita marble you choose to utilize in your interior, here are some general best practices:

  • Pair predominantly white marble with other muted decorative elements. You will notice that many of the Sofita marble coffee tables (and other Sofita marble furniture in our collection) are mostly muted whites. This makes them natural partners for other furniture and decorative elements of a similar overall spirit - muted, warm white with minimal to no movement or contrasting lines. They pair wonderfully with most of our Boucle furniture. Look also to the same warm neutral coloration in blinds, drapes, throws, and floor colorings to create a sense of harmony.
  • Capitalize in the color of the marble’s veins. Where you choose to decorate with Sofita marble that has rich, dark veins, use the general coloration of the veins as a way to create balance in your interior decorating. For instance, if the veins are gold, complement them with gold decorative accents or gilt furniture; where red, align your decoration in the same manner.
  • Employ natural materials that pair well with marble. Some natural materials, like white oak and walnut, pair naturally with Sofita marble. The muted warm neutral of white oak and its rugged character match Sofita on two fronts; the dark nature of walnut nods to the Sofita’s flecks of dark, earth brown. Both make excellent pairings with Sofita, but this is only a snapshot. Other stone and wood varieties that mimic or closely match these color schemes can be used to dazzling effect.
  • Don’t be afraid of contrast, but beware of rich color saturation. With a predominantly white marble like Sofita, it’s easy to create a pleasant contrast with dark, even black elements. This makes furniture and other decorative accents made of charcoal, ebonized wood, or even wrought iron excellent for use with marble, as the interplay of dark and light elements creates contrast that intensifies the spirit of the place. However, caution should be used when introducing other saturated colors, such as yellow, blue, green, or purple into the space as they can interfere with the natural lightness of the marble. One exception to this rule is if the darker, saturated color reflects the natural tones of the marble’s veins.
marble coffee tables

Utilizing these maxims, you can introduce Sofita marble into your home and create a brilliantly refined interior that will be the envy of all those you welcome in.

The Coup de Grace for Gathering Spaces: Marble Coffee Tables

Our Sofita marble coffee tables are the work of skilled, dedicated craftsmen from Turkey and Italy, and are elegantly refined to create an unforgettable effect, no matter how you use them in and around your home.

Many of our Sofita marble top tables are finished with a “live edge,” which creates a unique interplay between the fineness of the polished surface by reintroducing a rugged element reminiscent of the quarry. These live edge coffee tables, specifically, will make a marked impression on your interior decorating by balancing nature and culture.

marble coffee tables

We also carry a wide range of white oak and Boucle furniture that, as a result of its muted coloration and simplistic design, make a wonderful pairing with Sofita marble furniture and accents - not just coffee tables.

When considering a Sofita marble coffee table for your living room, family room or parlor, look for other natural materials - wood, stone, iron, glass and crystal - that will complement it nicely. White oak, beech wood, walnut, ebony, charcoal, wrought iron, white ceramic, and to a lesser degree, clear or warmly colored glass and crystal will all look wonderful in concert with Sofita marble.

Regardless of how you end up decorating, it all starts with a vision. Take some time to reflect and ruminate on these considerations and envision your interior the way you want it to be. Then you can put some of them into action.


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