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15 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home Before Summer

We all know the feeling: summer is just around the corner, and our homes don’t quite reflect the spirit of the season. Whether it’s the living room that’s seen better days or a patio that’s been neglected since last summer, everyone has that one area that could use a little love.

But fear not, because sprucing up your home for the holiday doesn’t have to be a daunting task. From chic boucle dining chairs to eye-catching marble tables, this article will walk you through 15 simple yet effective ways to rejuvenate your space — ensuring your home is as welcoming and stylish as the gatherings you host.

1. Boucle Dining Chairs

Our Teddy Dining Chairs are designed to bring both style and comfort to your dining area. Unlike natural fibers, this acrylic boucle material is easy to clean — just a simple wipe with water and dish soap will do. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner or a casual get-together, these boucle dining chairs provide both the functionality and flair needed to elevate any dining experience.

2. Wood Grain Tables

Pairing our boucle dining chairs with a solid wood grain table is like bringing a piece of nature into your dining room. The warm tones of the Ash wood in our Topa Topa Dining Table contrast wonderfully with the soft texture of the boucle, offering both comfort and elegance. This setup invites you to linger over meals in a space that feels both inviting and stylish.

3. Marble Coffee Table

Our Sofita Marble Coffee Table, with its raw, chipped edges and subtle veining, is a true conversation starter. Plus, despite its textured surface, we ensure every edge is smoothly buffed, making it a safe choice for family homes. Pair it with our boucle dining chairs to mix natural textures with plush comfort, creating a dining set that feels as good as it looks.

Sofita Marble Coffee Table

4. Drawer Dresser with Marble Top

Imagine a dresser where the cool, smooth marble meets the warm tones of the wood—perfect for storing your essentials while acting as a stunning display surface for your favorite photos or a vase of fresh flowers. A drawer dresser with a marble top isn't just practical; it's a statement of sophistication that enhances your daily routine.

5. Outdoor Daybed

Our Provence Chaise Lounge is all about bringing that luxury resort feel right to your backyard. Crafted with sleek iron frames and topped with a plush, weather-resistant boucle, it epitomizes the elegant, laid-back style of Provence.

This daybed isn't just for summer; it's a perfect piece for any time of the year, adding a refined touch to your outdoor living areas.

6. Visionary Side Tables

Our Valley Side Tables are more than just functional; they're like modern sculptures in your living room. Crafted from walnut veneer, these tables are designed to catch your eye and keep it. Their sleek, geometric structure and tiered levels offer not just style but practicality, featuring a built-in magazine rack that's as clever as it is convenient.

7. Live Edge Elements

Each live-edge coffee table or bench brings a slice of nature into your home, ensuring no two pieces are alike. Take our Shou Sugi Ban Entry Console, for instance—where modern elegance meets historical craftsmanship. This premium white oak console is treated with the ancient Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, enhancing both its durability and striking appearance.

8. Brighten Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Adding the right outdoor lighting, like lanterns or soft LED path lights, can transform your garden or patio into a welcoming haven for evening gatherings. Imagine the warm glow that guides guests during a twilight cocktail hour or a family dinner under the stars.

9. Lush Living with Indoor Plants

Introducing a mix of indoor plants does more than just beautify your home — it enhances the air you breathe. Consider a tall fiddle leaf fig for a dramatic touch or a cluster of spider plants for a lively vibe. These natural elements keep your rooms feeling fresh and vibrant.

10. Artful Accents on Your Walls

Choosing wall art is more than just picking a picture; it’s about making a statement that reflects your personal style. Abstract pieces can add a splash of modernity, while classic landscapes bring a serene tranquility to any space, dramatically shifting the room’s ambiance.

11. Stylishly Section with Room Dividers

Room dividers are perfect for open-plan spaces where you want to define areas without blocking light. Whether it's a sleek, translucent panel or a decorative folding screen, these dividers offer a smart blend of function and style, allowing you to carve out intimate spaces within larger rooms.

12. Anchor Your Space with Stylish Rugs

Rugs are more than just floor coverings; they can truly transform spaces. Imagine a plush, patterned rug under your coffee table, bringing warmth and vibrancy to your living room. Or perhaps a sleek, minimalist rug that delineates a cozy reading corner. Each rug not only complements your décor but also enhances the feel of your home, making it cozier and more inviting.

13. Refresh Your Rooms with Window Treatments

Switching up your curtains or blinds can dramatically alter the lighting and atmosphere of any room. Opt for light, airy fabrics to brighten a space for spring, or choose rich, heavier materials to create a snug ambiance for winter. The right window treatments can tie a room's look together and adjust the mood to match any season.

14. Gleam & Glow Accent Collection

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference. Adding candles of varying heights to a sideboard, or placing a bold, sunburst mirror above your fireplace can dramatically enhance the ambiance of a room. Consider incorporating elegant vases to complete the look, offering a blend of functionality and style.

15. Cushy Pillows

Swapping out pillows is a quick fix that packs a punch. Try combining different textures and colors on your sofas and beds. A velvet throw pillow here, a patterned cushion there — these simple changes can inject new life into your décor, giving your spaces a fresh and inviting feel.

Sofita Marble Coffee Table

Updating your home for summertime — or any time of year — means creating spaces that reflect your personal style and cater to your comfort while reflecting the energy of the season. With these 15 stylish tips, including our chic boucle dining chairs and other premium furniture pieces, your home will not only look good, but it will also feel wonderfully welcoming. Enjoy these changes and get ready to dazzle your guests with a home that’s both inviting and impressive


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